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A spread from Arnis Balcus’s photobook Victory Park

Victory Park
by Arnis Balcus

Arnis Balcus’s photobook Victory Park focuses on a particular location in the Latvian capital of Riga, a park with a complex history overlaid with the policies of former regimes and cumbersome social realities. This photographic work is more than just documentation or research material – the spontaneity of the shots and the juxtaposition of the images in the book creates an impression of an artistic experiment carried out in-situ.

“One could easily say there’s nothing to photograph there, because it’s just like any other park,” says Latvian photographer Arnis Balcus of Victory Park. / Eva Clifford, British Journal of Photography

Arnis Balcus creates in his series more of an impression than a description of the Victory Park. What we may see are photographs of seemingly different origins, yet working gracefully together to create a visual unity. / Krzysztof Sienkiewicz, Urbanautica